The contractor shall

inspect all identified Communication Towers and perform preventive maintenance annually for the purpose of maintaining and to identify existing as well as potential future problems outlined within the contractors inspection report to be turned into the COR following the inspections.

For details see the attached erformance work statement (PWS).

1. Do you have any information of the quantity and type of towers that will be inspected?

Answer: A: The total amount of towers to be inspected are 7 all located on Hanscom AFB.

B: 5 are steel 2 are utility pole/wood type with pole steps all have communication antenna

attachments all steal towers are new construction and less than 3 years old.

C: Two of the seven are not yet on line being erected currently and will have weather related instruments attached as well as communication antenna.

2. Do you have any past inspections on the existing towers?

Answer: No towers have had any structural inspections done to them after the initial construction.

3. Do you want the guyed tower anchors dug to block for an inspection of the whole anchor shafts? When was the last dug to block anchor inspection done?

Answer: We would want the tower anchors inspected to verify the structural integrity of the anchor and guy. No inspections have been done since the initial construction.

4. Do you want a structural analysis done on each tower to verify that the current weight can be supported by the existing tower?

Answer: We would not require an engineering structural analysis to be done on each tower to verify that the current weight can be supported by the existing tower. If recommended after your inspections and noted within your report we would ask for a cost for the structural analysis to be performed to the tower in question.

5. Any certain time of the year do you want the inspections to be performed?

Answer: A spring, summer or fall timeframe for inspections are fine we would ask that the same time within the year be used throughout the length of the contract.



Deadline: Thursday, July 26, 2018

Date Published: Friday, July 13, 2018

Date Updated: Friday, July 13, 2018


Brian M. Monahan

9 Eglin Street, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts 01731

(781) 225-0144

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