New York City Transit is seeking to retain the services of a Design-Build team to Design, Furnish and Deliver Four Deployable Battery-Powered Substations ("DBPS"). NYC Transit's subway system depends on traction power to run subway service. The network of substations in the system convert high-tension AC power to the DC power used for train propulsion. Substations located in the low-lying areas along the coastline were damaged by floodwater from Superstorm Sandy, which resulted in prolonged service outages and required emergency repairs to restore service. DBPS are part of NYC Transit's overall resiliency strategy for restoring traction power to flood damaged substations. Proposers shall furnish proposals w/supporting documentation to be evaluated on the following criteria: Step 1 Evaluation Criteria: 1) Technical Matters and Relevant Experience 2) General Responsibility to Receive Contract Award and to successfully and Faithfully Perform the Work 3) Financial Resources 4) Safety Record. Step 2 Evaluation Criteria: 1) Detailed Technical Proposal and Approach as well as Other Technical Matters 2) Overall Project Cost 3) Other Relevant Matters. More detailed info & the MTA-NYCT contact for the above solicitations can be found on our website at

Note: It is the intention of NYCT to offer a stipend to proposal teams that submit a detailed technical proposal in response to Step 2 of this RFP but are not otherwise selected for award.

This project is federally funded and is estimated in excess of $10M.

An information session will be held during Step 1 on 7/30/18 at 10:30AM. Location NYCT 2 Broadway, NY, NY Conf Rm C18.01

Eligibility/ Qualifications Requirements/ Preferences


Deadline: Thursday, August 16, 2018

Date Published: Friday, July 13, 2018

Date Updated: Monday, July 16, 2018


NYCT - Bid Reception Desk

Bid Desk, 3 Stone St, Ground Floor


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