PURPOSE: The purpose of this Scope of Work (SOW) is to define crane repair services, other materials costs for cranes used to support P3 Agreement with Electroalloy at the Watervliet Arsenal. Since predicting specific crane failure details for this equipment is impossible at this time, this purchase description will generally describe criteria/circumstances when this service contract applies, which in turn will require the contractor to provide timely response, successfully performing repairs and provide parts on specific equipment addressed by this document.

EQUIPMENT: Repair services, materials, parts and costs required by this purchase description shall be applicable to 6 Cranes (B271, B330, B109, B409, B410 and B244) located in "D", "E" and High Bays in Bldg. 135.

PERFORMANCE PERIOD: Period of performance for this contract shall be one base year from the date of contract award. Upon successful completion of each service call or parts purchase, the contractor shall invoice as soon as possible for each service call.

DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS: This SOW is a performance-based specification. The objective of this project is to perform repair services and supply parts for cranes located in in "D", "E" and High Bays in Bldg. 135. Work shall be performed on an "as-needed" basis. Below are detailed specifications pertaining to the work included by this project.

GENERAL: The contractor shall at the discretion of the responsible ODR supervisor be requested to come in for assistance performing repair services and supply parts required for the subject cranes (subject to the financial limitations of this contract). The work required may include (but is not limited to) crane disassembly, equipment repair, calibration, mechanical component overhaul/machining, minor or major component replacement, industrial control repair, replacement or upgrades, electrical system replacement and repair, etc. The work allowed by this contract shall be above and beyond the warranty covered services and materials. Repair services and parts shall be required on an as needed basis, and performed during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 0700-1630 hrs.), unless otherwise authorized and agreed to. This primarily addresses repair, or crane failure corrective action services. For the purposes of the cost proposal, the contractor will only address repair activities, and the labor categories to perform this type of effort.



Deadline: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Date Published: Thursday, June 14, 2018

Date Updated: Thursday, June 14, 2018


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