NOTICE: Sources Sought - Laser Rust and Paint Removal Machine


POSTING DATE: 13 July 2018

RESPONSE DATE: 26 July 2018 at 2:00 p.m. ChST

NAICS Code: 333517 - Machine Tool Manufacturing

PSC: 3450

SB Size Standard: 500 Employees

This announcement constitutes a Sources Sought Synopsis (market survey). This is not a request for quote (RFQ) or a request for proposal (RFP). This announcement is for information and planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, implied or otherwise, to issue a solicitation or award a contract. The Government will not pay for any cost incurred in responding to this announcement. Any information submitted by respondents to this Sources Sought synopsis shall be voluntary.

This Sources Sought Notice is for Market Research purposes only. The information submitted in response to the Sources Sought Notice will not be utilized to determine vendor standing in any future/potential Request for Quote/Request for Proposal, nor will it be utilized to determine if a vendor is qualified to submit a Request for Quote/Request for Proposal for any future/potential requirement. The notice and the information received shall not be used to determine how well respondents can perform a requirement, which can only be evaluated in response to a solicitation. Vendors will not receive formal notification or feedback on any information submitted in this Sources Sought request. All future/proposed submissions/solicitations requirements solicited on a Government Point of Entry will be evaluated independent of any information submitted in response to this Sources Sought Notice. No vendor will be provided information on solicitations issued on a Government Point of Entry based on this Sources Sought request.

This Sources Sought Notice is relative to the NAICS code 333517. The Small Business size standard for this NAICS code is 500 Employees. Large and Small Businesses are invited to answer this market survey to determine market capabilities.

Andersen AFB, GU, is conducting market research to determine the existence of potential sources to provide a Laser Rust and Paint Removal Machine or similar technology

The potential requirement will consist of the contractor providing the following:


Laser Rust and Paint Removal Machine or similar technology

* Laser rust remover/ corrosion control system

* Ability to perform corrosion control on vehicles

* Mobile/ wheels & self-contained

* 50+ feet fiber cable

* Handheld device/ "gun"

* 1000W or 500W (want quotes for both)

o What is the actual advantage for 1000W vs 500W (time)

* 1 dimensional laser (i.e. a line, not a circle or a square)

* Can be plugged in standard US outlets

* Green technology - no secondary waste to cleanup/ dispose

* Vacuum hose to suck up debris

* Durable and can handle Guam's humid climate (will be stored inside

but will also be operated in the elements occasionally)

* On-device computer screen for operation (does not need to be a

touch screen but a control panel nonetheless)

* Training

* Personal Protective equipment i.e. gloves, goggles, etc.

* Spare parts/ maintenance capabilities

* Transportation to Guam

* Warranty

* Commercial availability of item

* Any Deliver schedules (individual item/bulk order)

* Place of manufacture

* A fair/reasonable market price for the industry

NOTE: Please submit electronic response indicating capability to supply the aforementioned item(s) via line card or published description (no more than 3 pages) as well as POC (name, telephone # and email address) along with contractor's CAGE, DUNS, and the physical location of your facility to the individuals listed within this notice.

Responses should include the following information:

1.Name of company that will provide product.

2. Name of company that will manufacture the product.

3. Spec sheets and examples of products that meet the specifications.

4. Typical lead time to deliver the product after receipt of order.

5. Any other relevant information that is not listed above which the Government should consider in developing its minimum specifications and finalizing its market research.

6. Offeror's business size, i.e. Small Business and any other socio economic status, other than Small Business, etc.

7. Include a description of the product or service to be addressed by this market research report. Information shall be provided to state current and projected quantities or service requirements to be addressed by this acquisition as well as an assessment as to the potential sustainment life cycle

8. List any applicable industry standards, regulations, trade journals, or process guides germane to the product or service to be acquired. Identify any professional societies or organizations that represent the market sector or advance the science and technology of the products or services comprising the marketplace.

9. Provide a technology assessment of the market sector as applicable to the product or service to be acquired as to:

- current state of the art employed by the government as compared to what is available in the commercial marketplace.

- known parts obsolescence and diminishing vendor impacts that could affect the current acquisition requirements and any projected life cycle sustainment efforts.

10. Provide an assessment of the potential opportunities for small business set aside and direct award opportunities as well as potential subcontracting opportunities.

"Items being offered, at a minimum shall meet the above manufacturer's product or be equal"

If recommending 'equal' please provide specifications, literature, description for review.

All work shall be performed at the contractor's facility. This request may not directly lead to a Request for Quotation/Proposal. Deadline for submission is 2:00 p.m. CST, 26 July 2018.

Required Information:

Any interested party who can offer all of the above may submit a written reply of not more than 3 pages, addressing each of the above items and defining how their company is capable of ALL of the minimum requirements listed above.

Response deadline: 2:00 p.m. CST, 26 July 2018

Where to send responses:


E-mail: and


Deadline: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Date Published: Friday, July 13, 2018

Date Updated: Friday, July 13, 2018


John Ballesta

Unit 14040, Andersen AFB, Guam 96543-4040

(671) 366-6598

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